How to travel the world on a budget: how I traveled Around Europe for 11 months

Travelling is expensive. And the truth is, it doesn’t get any cheaper over time. If you want to take trips and explore the world, spending your hard earned money on travel might come with a cost. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no way around it. There are ways to save money when you travel without feeling like you’re missing out on things or compromising on quality. In this article, I will show you how I travelled around Europe for 11 months for under $2,000.

What is the cheapest way to travel around Europe?

The cheapest way to travel Europe is to fly. Some places are only accessible via air, like Iceland and the Canary Islands, so it’s the easiest way to get there. However, since air fares vary so much (and have changed so much since I did this trip), it’s hard to give a specific number. Fortunately, since I had a round-the-world ticket, I was also able to take a look at the flight options of domestic flights when I wasn’t travelling long distances. In my research, I found that you can fly domestically within Europe for less than $500 per person. For example, I flew from Paris to Barcelona for $261. If you’re travelling with a friend, you could fly from Paris to Barcelona for $488. If you’re travelling solo, airfares are often cheaper.

Research, research, research!

Before you go on your trip, you should do a lot of research. Find out what it costs to travel around a particular country or region. You don’t want to get to your destination and realize that everything you thought you knew was wrong. Not only does this save you from disappointment, but it also cuts down on your expenses if you weren’t prepared and aren’t as informed.

Base yourself in one place for a while

If you want to save money while travelling Europe, then you should base yourself in one place while you’re there and while you’re saving up the money for your next trip. Travel to a different country once you have saved up enough money, and you’ll be able to travel around Europe more cheaply.

Use local transport where possible

When you’re travelling Europe, try to use local transport whenever possible. There are usually discounts for tourists, so you can get free entry to a lot of attractions and museums with your Eurail pass or travel card. You can also take local buses and trains to save money.

Dining Out: Is it worth it?

Yes and no. If you’re travelling on a budget, then you will have to make some compromises. This includes dining out. Dining out may seem like a luxury or an extravagance, but if you look closely, you’ll see that there are options that don’t cost that much. If you don’t plan your meals well, then you can often eat for under $10 (if you’re dining with a friend). Some of the best places to eat on a budget in Europe are:

How to Travel for 11 Months on $2,000 or Less

There are a lot of ways that you can travel around Europe on a budget. You could try couch surfing or living out of your car if you wanted to save money. However, these are all more extreme measures, and they may be more ideal for someone with a lot of experience travelling on a budget. If you’re just starting out, though, you may find that the tips and strategies outlined in this article are a good fit for you.

  • There are three main things you want to do in order to travel Europe on a budget. These are:
  • Save up the money for your trip. You’ll want to save up at least a month or two’s worth of living expenses in the country you’re going to so that you have something to fall back on if you have an unexpected expense.
  • Learn how to travel on a budget. I’ve outlined a few ways to do this in this article.
  • Take advantage of Eurail pass and Interrail pass discounts. These will allow you to travel across several countries with a single pass.

Savings – How to Save Money When You Travel

  • Eat at home. If you’re used to eating out, it may be a surprise to you, but you can often save a lot of money if you cook for yourself.
  • Buy food in bulk. This is one of my favourite ways to save money when I travel. You can often get food at a discounted price if you buy in bulk.
  • Don’t go out every night. If you’re trying to save money while you travel Europe, then you might want to keep the bar tab down. However, if you’re willing to put in a little effort, then you can save a lot of money by staying home once in a while.
  • Don’t go out to fancy restaurants. If you have to go out to a restaurant, then go out to a chain or fast food restaurant. These tend to have cheaper options.

Interrail Pass – How to Get a Discounted Rail Pass

If you’re looking to save money, then you may want to consider getting an Interrail pass. This allows you to travel all around Europe for under $1500. You can find a list of all the routes and times on the Interrail website. If you want to save money on your pass, you can often get a 50% discount by going online and creating an account with the Interrail system. You can also get a 25% discount by showing your student ID card or travel passport to an international ticket sales agent when you buy your pass.

Eurail Pass – How to Get a Discounted Eurail Pass

The Eurail pass is the most common travel pass in Europe and allows you to travel around the continent for less than $2000. You can buy a Eurail pass from any train station and have it mailed to your home country. If you buy your pass at a train station, you can often get a 25% discount. You can also get a 50% discount by buying a pass before your trip and showing your ID card or travel passport. You can also get a 25% discount by showing a credit card at the time of purchase.

How to Book Train and Hotel Reservations Cheaply

  • Book your train tickets early. The earlier that you book your train tickets, the cheaper they will be. You can usually get a 10% discount for booking your tickets 6 weeks ahead of your trip.
  • Book your train reservations as far ahead as possible. You can get a lot of money off your train reservations if you book them at least 2 months in advance. If you want to save money on your train tickets, you want to make sure that you book as far in advance as possible.
  • Book your hotel reservations as far ahead as possible. You want to make sure that you book your hotel reservations as far in advance as possible. This will allow you to get the most money off your hotel reservations.

Best Travel Tips

  1. Always have a plan. If you have a plan and a specific place to go, then you can make it through unexpected situations.
  2. Always have a friend or family member pick you up. This will let you cut down on drinking and also help you keep track of how much you’re spending and on what.
  3. Don’t go out every night. This will allow you to save money and also have more time to explore what the city has to offer.
  4. Visit museums and attractions. This will help you to make the most of your time while visiting museums and attractions.

What to Wear When Traveling Europe

  • Always bring dry socks and underwear. This will help you to avoid getting dehydrated when you don’t want to wear wet clothes.
  • Wear sturdy shoes and a backpack. This will help you to walk through the cities and make sure that you don’t get hurt.
  • Wear comfortable shoes or sneakers to help you walk around the cities and don’t wear flashy or expensive-looking clothes. These will let you blend in and save you from being a target for pick pockets.
  • Dress for the weather. This will help you to avoid getting hurt and also make sure that you don’t freeze or get too hot.


What are some tips for planning a family vacation?

A reliable transportation plan. Make sure you have all the information you need to arrive at your destination safely and on time.

What are some tips for car travel?

Make sure to have a full tank of gas and enough snacks and water for the trip.

What are some tips for activities?

Pack a bag full of games, books, and puzzles to keep the kids entertained on the road.

What are some tips for making the time away from home special?

Make sure to schedule a good amount of time for rest and relaxation during the trip.

What are some final tips for making a successful trip?

Finally, be sure to have a positive attitude and enjoy the journey!

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